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Garage Door Services

La Crescenta Garage Door Services

Magic  Garage Doors gives our customers the most competitive pricing for garage door maintenance and repair services in La Crescenta . We do it right. We are committed to you time and money when you hire us. We even guarantee we’ll be there within the hour when you call us for repairs. Our expert technicians want you to have the kind of service you deserve from a first class local company.

Let’s face it, we want to be your garage door repair company. Our crews are factory trained. Our staff knows all the details to service, repair, or replace your garage door or garage door opener.

Don’t trust  a garage door repair company that doesn’t have the years of experience we have. We save you money with your garage door safety check and repairs. Our service is about heading off problems before they get costly. If you need garage door repair, call us first. We’ll start by examining  the moving parts of your garage door system. Our technicians will make sure it’s going to keep working flawlessly for a long time to come.

Should I Repair my Garage Door Myself?

Our experience over the last 10 years has shown us that most people are not equipped to do major garage door repairs on their own. We have received many calls from customers that tried DIY repairs on their garage doors. But, repairs can get very dangerous and very technical to finish. People that are not in our industry usually don’t have the essential tools to ease pressure on torsion springs. Because they don’t do this kind of work they don’t  know how unusual parts fit together.

There are DIY repairs you can do to your garage door. Magic is always happy to talk you through the repair technique if that is what you want. Some of our really devoted customers enjoy doing maintenance here and there. But on parts that can endanger you with the immediate discharge of 500 lbs of pressure, us do the repair is the wisest thing to do.

Most repairs look easier than they are. Some parts may be keeping the garage door stable even when they are broken, so your garage door doesn’t fall down unexpectedly. This could be devastating to anyone directly under it.

If you are concerned about garage door DIY projects, call us. Our technicians are quick and we are competitively priced. Bear in mind, it’s always better to call for help before things get out of control. Fixing your garage door by yourself can be very unsafe.

Hiring a garage door repair company when you need help puts a lot of anxiety on homeowners and business owners. It’s always stressful when you need to choose a company and their services “now.” You need garage door repair service because there is a problem. Magic Garage Door will make it easy to choose a quality garage door repair company because we have the years of experience and expertise to take care of every problem. Our customer service record is bar-none.

A lot of start-ups and fly-b-night operators have come and gone over the years. Everybody has a good story but dealing with any company without checking them out is bad business. A lot of good people have been hurt by dreadful companies. You want your garage door repair company to guarantee the replacement parts quality. Do they have the years in business for their guarantee to mean anything? Will the company guarantee their work in writing? Magic does.

With a 10 year customer service record, we are proud that our business is growing every year. We get a lot of business from customer referrals. We want to earn yours.

We work harder to provide better service for our customers than our competitors.  We want all your repeat business. So it makes sense that we do a good job. We want to get hired for your maintenance contract. For garage door service we give La Crescenta  customers peace of mind.

For business owners, it is very stressful on a day to day basis already. Imagine getting trapped at the end of the day because the garage doors is broken. This does happen all the time and at some point everyone goes through this. It doesn’t make it any easier though. Magic can make the difference because this could happen due to a part breaking or a ridiculous accident.

When it does happen you’ll be glad you have us to take care of it. If your business depends on your bay doors opening when you push the button and it won’t, that is an enormous problem. The longer the doors stay closed, the worse it gets.

Magic  will get your garage doors open quick and working right. Our technicians are waiting for your call and are on standby. We’ll send them out right away. Call today.